Baby Sling, Stretch Wrap Carrier

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Did you know research has discovered that carrying your baby in a sling can reduce their crying by 43%? And that you can buy a great sling that will last from birth until approximately 3 years of age? No wonder Babywearing is becoming more and more popular, with many new parents seeing the benefits of using a traditional style baby sling to carry their baby and keep them calm.

The general rule when searching for a good carrier is to find one that is both supportive for you and your baby by carrying your baby as they would be held ‘in arms’. The sling should not place any strain on your back, neck or shoulders and similarly should support your baby’s back in its natural curved “C” shape.

Our Baby Sling provides the following benefits;

  • Design -provides an ergonomic fit which benefits those concerned with neck and back strain. The Sling Wrap distributes your baby's weight safely across your shoulders, back and hip. This keeps baby secure and close to your centre of gravity which allows you to carry your baby for long periods of time

  • Comfort - Your baby is moulded against your body making baby feel safe, secure and comfortable

  • Breastfeeding - Discreet breastfeeding is ideal in the Sling wrap, allowing you to breastfeed 'on the go' if necessary. It also allows for skin to skin and kangaroo care for the tiniest of babies.

  • Hands free - You are hands free to carry out your daily tasks, especially if you have older children and still have the closeness needed with your baby.

  • Easy care - Machine washable. No ironing required. Great gift - A thoughtful gift that new parents will really appreciate.

  • One size fits all - is what makes this the only sling you will ever need to buy for both parents You can also order in 5, 6 and 7 meter length. Age range - Ideal from birth until approximately 3 years 

  • 100% COOL COTTON.



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